Location / Contact

    Beijing Aikikai - three dojo in Beijing
    1) Liangmaqiao - Pulse Gym at Kempinski Hotel
   2) Tuanjiehu - Boya Gardens gym
   3) Kunlunjue Kickboxing in Longtanhu Gymnasium

    Opening soon a new dojo in Guomao area.  ("Hombu", main dojo) 


 Blueprints and drawings are completed and it will be constructed in a classically Japanese style,  with a sprung floor, tatami and other features.  Like our  previous location, it is not in a gym or at a school but will be Beijing's only dojo dedicated to Aikido as an applied martial art.

     Liangmaqiao Dojo is located at:


Pulse Gym at the Kempinski Hotel.  As you face the hotel, bear left  to the office building and take the elevator down 1 floor.


    Tuanjiehu Dojo is located at:


Boya Garden (博雅园).  In the gym at the south west corner of the complex. It is two long blocks east of Tuanjiehu station (line 10) behind Park View Apartments (天安豪园), 17 Chaoyang Park West Road.  Head east on the north side of Nonzhangguan Nan Lu.  It's about 2 long blocks       away, just before Chaoyang Park West Road . 

     Kunlunjue Dojo is located at:

Training is inside the Longtanhu Gymnasium.  Head down one floor to the Kunlunjue Academy.

If you have difficulties, please call 132 4011 2064 or 135 2271 6979

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected]