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Tradition, lineage, authenticity - our mission is to offer Aikido training by qualified resident instructors to the people of Beijing.

Beijing Aikikai is a dojo dedicated to teaching the techniques and principles of the founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, in the tradition of the Aikikai World Headquarters, Hombu Dojo, in Tokyo.   Our dojo is fully recognized by and directly affiliated with Hombu Dojo. 

"Aikido" (合気道) can be translated as "the Way of unifying (with) life energy" or  "the Way of harmonious spirit" or perhaps better "the Way of harmony with the force of nature".  It is a martial art developed by legendary master Morihei Ueshiba as a culmination and synthesis of his martial, philosophical and religious studies, beliefs and experiences.

Aikido offers a means of self defense which need not rely on harming or destroying the attacker.  In Japanese, satsujin no ken ha katsujin no ken ni naru - the sword that takes life becomes the sword that preserves life.

Do not confuse Aikido with a game of sport-fighting.  While the powerful techniques of Aikido are used by law enforcement and military forces alike and our dojo teaches the practical application of the art, Aikido pursues a deeper, more broadly beneficial, purpose - to transcend mere technical skill and provide a meaningful path for personal development.  Fundamentally, it is a deep and challenging form of training meant to forge the human mind, body and spirit and help anyone to improve their self-defense skills, awareness, concentration, physical and mental health, self confidence, self control and inner peace.

Our chief instructor is a student of Hombu Dojo, who lived and trained in Japan for many years.  He has a 6th degree black belt and, unlike other dojo in Beijing, he is fully authorized by the world headquarters to give examinations himself.  Promotions that you receive will be registered in Japan.

We welcome new students and visitors, whether or not they have martial arts experience, including all Aikido practitioners regardless of any particular organizational affiliation.

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